• I Help You Grow Your Sales Opportunities With LinkedIn!

    I Help You Grow Your Sales Opportunities With LinkedIn!

5 Reasons Others Know You’re Not A Serious Relationship Builder

5 Reasons Others Know You’re Not A Serious Relationship Builder

Ok – so you’re out networking like crazy, tossing out business cards left and right, collecting mountains of business cards from others and schmoozing like nobodies business.  But hold on buddy – attending every networking event in the world doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a relationship builder.   Trust me when I tell you that people are keen on…read more →

3 Important LinkedIn Updates

3 Important LinkedIn Updates

Over the past year LinkedIn has done a great job implementing updates that alert as to how other users are interacting with various items.  One of the key tools for this is the red notifications flag at the top, a small icon with BIG POWER – if used correctly.  Remember that social media is all about ENGAGEMENT, so the updates…read more →

3 Types Of Connections To Fill Your LinkedIn Sales Pipeline

I ‘ve mentioned in previous blogs how critical it is for sales professionals and business owners to focus in order to get results on LinkedIn.  One of the key things I teach clients in my workshops and trainings is how to to use LinkedIn to build a powerful pipeline of prospects that will eventually pop.  Focusing on the types of…read more →

3 EXTRAS To Boost LinkedIn Results Pt. 1

This is the first of a 2-part series of Extras  you can do to boost LinkedIn Results. People always ask me about my success on LinkedIn.  While any LinkedIn expert has obviously mastered the platform, there are other factors that need to be considered.  These EXTRAS increase your LinkedIn brand, visibility and turn you from someone who searches for others…read more →

3 Reasons You’re NOT Getting Results With LinkedIn

“I’ve never gotten any business from LinkedIn.”  A comment I still hear pretty often.  LinkedIn is NOT a magic pill you take for instant sales.  Like anything else it takes practice and some creativity, but I’d much rather try my hand with LinkedIn vs. Cold Calling, Telemarketing or Door Knocking.  I’ve been there and done that.. and I couldn’t do it…read more →

3 LinkedIn Apps That Increase Sales

Alone, LinkedIn is a very powerful platform.  But there are a few Apps out there that make it even more effective.  The key is using all the information together and to your advantage.  Here are a few secret Apps that I personally utilize to get results on LinkedIn!  Remember that information is power.       1.  Job Change Notifier…read more →

Attracting Bees with LinkedIn Honey

In my last post How To Go  Fishing With LinkedIn, I spoke about using LinkedIn to “hook” prospects.  Now I’m venturing into the insect kingdom!  Everyone knows that an easy way to attract bees is with honey.  But how do you use LinkedIn to attract potential customers?  The first step is to post great information on LinkedIn.  The second step is…read more →